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Karma Pen Kit

Karma Pen Kit

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Please select your color with a choice of: Green, Black, White, Purple, or Pink.


Karma Pen Kit

The Karma Pen Kit with 500mAH battery is ideal for your concentrate or viscous products.  Available in the following colors: green, black, white, purple, or pink.

Finally enjoy your vaporizer pen experience with our affordable and easy to use Karma Vape Pen. The long lasting 500mAH battery will let you vape for hours and even days depending on frequency of use. In addition, our all new Dual Coil Crystal Quartz Atomizers will provide a cleaner tasting and powerful draw with little effort and lots of fun. This concentrate vape pen kit comes with everything you need to get dabbing.

May we suggest to only use a small amount of your product at a time. First just break off a piece of concentrate, roll it in a ball and place it near the coils.  Then start off with a lower setting.  You can adjust the voltage according to how big of a hit you want. Use the water filtration bubbler 2-in-1 attachment to take the harshness of the product to a smoother more relaxed hit. This is especially recommended for patients that need to take precautions with their lungs.

“A little karma goes a long way…”

What’s in the Karma Pen Kit:

The 500mAH battery is rechargeable, lightweight and features a pin charging port on the bottom. It’s recommended to use the charger that came with the unit. There should be a full charge right out of the box.


Push button 5 times for on

Device is turned ON when the light flashes and illuminates when power button is pressed

Attach atomizer directly to the battery

Carefully apply concentrate near the coils

Slide tank cover or globe over the atomizer

Begin vaping by pressing and holding down the poser button while inhaling through mouthpiece

Push button 5 times for off



Weight1 oz
Dimensions6.125 × 3.6 × 1.1 in

500mAH Battery Pack, Concentrate Container, Dab Tool, Extra Coil, Lifetime Battery Warranty, Mouthpieces (3-ct), Box




Black, Green, Pink, Purple, White


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