Palm 650 Variable Voltage

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Palm 650 Variable Voltage


The Palm 650 Variable Voltage vaporizer is a great option for a long lasting 650 mAH battery vape with temp control function. It has a unique feature with a magnetic slot for your cartomizer or CCell cartridge. Just screw on the magnet to your favorite cart and drop it in the receiver. The whole unit fits in the palm of your hand for discreet use.


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Magnetic 510 Battery with Temp Control & Long Battery Life

Fits up to 9-10.5mm diameter cartridges
650 mAH Battery
Long Life
Won’t Burn Your Oil
Fits Great in Your Hand

Simple directions push the button:
5 times for on
2 times to activate the preheat function for 15 seconds
1 time to turn off pre-heat
3 times to change the voltage
The different voltage settings and pre-heat will be displayed on the button
Green: 3.4V Blue: 3.7V Red: 4.0V
5 times for off


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