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Specs :

Diameter:  11.2mm

Resistance: 1.5 ohm

Capacity:  0.5ml / 1.0ml

Oil intake hole size: 1.5mm / 2.0mm

Body Material: Ceramic coil / Glass

Ceramic mouthpiece

Top Filling

Adjustable top airflow

Battery requirements: 400mAH variable voltage / Palm650 v v

Suitable for thicker oil


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This cartomizer is an outstanding choice for thicker oil. I will put this up against any cartomizer in the market. We have had great success with this cart and a less than 1% defect rate.

This cartomizer comes with so many features, the center post comes out so there are no bottom holes which means you can take your time capping these. The center post is beveled so you won’t get any bad connections when the cap is screwed back on. There is an adjustable airflow just below the Ceramic mouthpiece and it hits like a champ.

Cartomizer Size

0.5ml Cartomizer, 1.0ml Cartomizer

Oil Flow Hole

1.5mm, 2.0mm


1-Pack, 5-Pack, 10-Pack