BCC-2 Silver

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BCC-2 Silver


Name: BCC-2S

Sizes: .5ml / 1.0ml

Cartridge Diameter: 10.5 mm

Wick: Ceramic Heating Core

Body: Glass

Best with:  Thick THC oil

Recommended Battery: SER-400 Variable Voltage / Palm 650


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This is perhaps one of my favorite Cartomizers. This is the same as the Bcc-2 with the ceramic and wooden mouthpiece. It is designed for thick to very thick oil. You can rely on this product for great taste and a large hit due to the ceramic coil. This is a great option to the CCell cartomizer at a much better price.

Weight 0.33 oz
Cartomizer Size

0.5ml Cartomizer, 1.0ml Cartomizer

Tip Style

Flat Tip, Round TIp


1-Pack, 5-Pack, 10-Pack