AIRIS 8 Multi-Use Vaporizer

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AIRIS 8 Multi-Use Vaporizer

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This unit is truly a game changer in the dabbing world. No more torch! An adjustable voltage, multi-purpose vaporizer. Use the top mouthpiece when you dab and use the bottom mouthpiece when you dip. It’s not on the box, but you can also use any 510 thread oil cartridge with the unit “Now That’s Some Good Karma.


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Dip or Dab? Airis 8 can function both ways!

Use the top mouthpiece when you dab and use the bottom battery as a mouthpiece when you dip.
To Dip, you don’t need any extra tools, just press and hold the button to touch the concentrate; to Dab, just switch to the other end of the pen and use with the dual quartz atomizer to dab and vape.

Multi-Purpose, Temp Control Vape Pen

You can adjust the voltage no matter for dabbing or dipping the vaporizer.
Click the power button rapidly to change the voltage.
Green is the lowest (3.4V), Blue is the medium (3.7V), and red is the highest (4.2V).
Choose the best voltage for your vaping style!

Dab Pen and Dipper Kit Includes

1 x Battery
1 x Dab Mouthpiece
1 x C1 Touch Coil
1 x C2 Dab Coil
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Dab Tool
3 x Pipe Brush
1 x User Manual
1 x Box


Black, Gold, Silver

4 reviews for AIRIS 8 Multi-Use Vaporizer

  1. Matthew Nichol

    I had a Tantra Karma pen that the battery had a issue charging after just a short time. I thought I was out the $50 I spent. Not at all. I sent an email, got a quick response, and will be receiving there new Airis8 for my trouble. You can’t find customer service like that anymore. Will leave another review after I recieve it. But am completely satisfied thus far!

  2. bignigel777

    This thing RIPS. Best dual quartz coil vaporizer I’ve used yet, and I’ve had 5 different kinds. Totally glad my other pen malfunctioned. The Airis8 is completely worth the price, and the battery is built tougher than any pen style vaporizer I’ve ever seen. Total 5 star product and Company. They’ve gained a lifelong customer!

  3. Wendell Rogers

    Hands down the best company out there I had trouble with a karma battery emailed them about it and they said no problem and sent me a whole new karma kit and some extra goodies with it also . Definitely a life long customer here

  4. Eric Bell

    My Airis 8 Wax Vaperizer hits like a beast.  

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