Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

1Will my packaging be discreet?
Yes, Our customers privacy is of the utmost importance to us. All packages are sent via UPS in an unmarked non branded box or USPS in a flat rate box.
2Is my personal information safe and secure when ordering through our website
Yes, our website will protect your information through SSL. We do not sell your information to any third parties. We do not store your credit card information in our data base. Feel free to review our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy
3Do we accept International Orders?
Yes, we accept orders from all countries. It will be up to you the end user to check with your local customs office to make sure our products are permitted into your country. You will also be liable for any import duties and or taxes that your country might access.
4How do I clean my atomizers?
On the outside of the atomizer you can clean it with an alcohol pad. For the inside use the scraper on the tool included with your Karma Pen. Make sure to not scrape the coils as they are delicate. Breaking the coils will result in a coil malfunction. Please use caution when cleaning the atomizer. Use your tool included with your Karma Pen to remove excess wax from the sides of the chamber. Once it's been carefully scraped (do NOT touch the coil) take a cotton swab lightly dipped in rubbing alcohol and go over the chamber walls again.
5How do I clean the outside of my micro battery?
To clean the outside of your pen, we suggest an alcohol based wipe. Please make sure it’s completely dry before using the pen again as even alcohol based solvents contain trace amounts of water.
6What is our Lifetime Warranty?
Tantra Vape offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the life of the batteries of our products. If for any reason your battery stops working please contact our Customer Support Department. Unfortunately, the double ceramic coil atomizers are not covered by our lifetime warranty. Most Tantra atomizers as all atomizers will need to be replaced over time depending on usage. Feel free to review our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy
7Where is the HQ for Tantra Vape located?
Tantra Vape is based in Poway, CA, USA.
8Where is my product shipped from?
All orders are shipped from our distribution center in San Diego, Ca, USA.
9What is your returns address?
Our returns address is: Tantra Vape
14781 Pomerado Road
Suite 214 Poway, CA 97064

Please contact: BEFORE you return any products that need repair/replacement for an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number. Products will not be accepted without a RMA #.
10How do I know when my Karma Pen is fully charged?
Your Karma Pen will arrive at your door partially charged. When you plug in the micro USB charger, a red light should appear to indicate that the Battery is charging. Once the pen completes charging the red light will turn off. It will take between 1-2 hours to fully charge your battery.
11How long will it take to receive my U.S. domestic order?
All US orders are shipped 1-3 business days after processing your order via USPS. Shipping takes 3-5 business days by Small flat rate and 1-3 business days for priority mail ($24.95).
12How long will it take to receive my international order?
International shipments take 1-2 weeks via UPS (except Canada which will be shipped USPS)
13What methods of payment do we accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover. We use to verify credit card payments so that your information is always secure.
14What is our return policy?
We will honor full refunds (minus shipping / handling) for any unused/unopened items within 30 days of the purchase receipt from Tantra Vape. If you purchased from a local retailer you will need to check with them on their store policies. Please contact our customer service department at for service and support.
15What is your best product for thick concentrates?
If you're looking for a device which was made for waxy thick materials, we recommend the Karma Pen.
16How do I know how much product to put into my atomizer?
You do not want to overfill the atomizer, this can create clogging and waste. Put a round ball the size of a match head directly on the dual coils. Press the battery 2-3 times just enough to slightly melt your favorite waxy material onto the coils. Then replace the cap and mouthpiece and enjoy!
17Does the Karma Pen work well for aromatic material/flower?
That was not what it was designed for, however, it can be used with aromatic material/flower. Just make sure it is finely ground material.
18How do I safely remove atomizers?
Place the cap on the atomizer and place your fingers on the cap near the atomizer with your other hand on the battery. Then bend these two pieces and the atomizer should snap off. We use snap technology for a firm fit.
19Why won't my atomizer fit?
Karma Pens atomizers are made for a snug fit! Use force when attaching the atomizer. Atomizers from other companies might be a different fit.
20How do I get replacement atomizers for my Karma Pen?
All you need to is go to and order online. Shipping is free with all orders of $44.95 and above. Make sure you check your rewards points.
21My atomizer isn't heating up... What do I do?
If the atomizer on your Karma Pen is not heating up, please go through the following steps:
  1. 1. Make sure the battery is charged.
  2. 2. Make sure atomizer is straight in place and all the way pushed down into the battery.
  3. 3. Rotate atomizer 180 degrees if it was not heating up in the previous direction.
22When will I receive my tracking number?
Tracking numbers are sent as soon as items are shipped. If you placed your order over the weekend, your order will be processed the following Monday.
23How do I clean my Karma Bubbler attachment?

For a Quick Clean: To answer your question, you will want to remove the bubbler attachment from the vaporizer. Then turn bubbler upside down and fill it with water to flush it out. To force the water out of the bubbler, place your lips to the opening and blow on the mouthpiece. Once the residual dirty water is removed, add a small amount of water back into the bubbler and begin vaping again.

For a Deep Clean: If you are attempting to remove any residual residue you will need to submerge the item in a cleaning solution like rubbing alcohol and table salt. Make sure the solution is fully submerged and throughout. Let this sit for several hours (6+ to be safe). It is a good idea to keep it contained in a sealed container such as a plastic bag and let it sit in the horizontal position. It may help to shake it from time to time to loosen any materials depending on how dirty it is. After it has had time to soak, rinse, clean, and let it dry.

Keep Your Water Clean: You will want to change your water often to improve the quality and taste of your experience, especially when trying a new product.